Monday, August 17, 2009

Orientation-First Day

"Home is a place you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to."
John Ed Pearce

I can remember wanting nothing more than to move away from Burnt Hills when I was growing up. It was boring, the people were all the same, etc. etc. And yet, here I am, a short 5 years later and I couldn't be happier to be back where I grew up. Being back in a place where the people know me and actually care whether or not I succeed is an amazing feeling. I hope that my children will have an opportunity to experience this type of town.

Today was the first day of orientation and it was, surprisingly, quite enjoyable. There were 3 other BH grads there, and everyone was wonderful. The atmosphere was relaxed and the material was relavent. At the end of the day they showed us how to log on to our email and things of that nature. I was so excited about actually having my own job related email. And, I'm going to make a website for my class!!! :-) Can't wait to get started on that.
Have one more full day of Orientation left. Hoping it's good!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Schedule Changes

So after planning a couple lessons, I found out I have a slight change in the courses I'm teaching. I will be teaching Core Geometry instead of Algebra. Not a big change, but it means I will be teaching nothing but geometry courses. I guess it will allow me to focus a bit more on other things other than content. I should (hopefully) be able to reuse a lot of my lessons for each of the classes.

I am finding myself extremely nervous about having my own classes. Although I did have my first nightmare about teaching last Sunday (before starting tutoring) I haven't had any more yet. I'm waiting for them to start since it's only a matter of time. My first one was about the first day of school and I dreamt that I couldn't get the kids in alphabetical order because I did it wrong in prep and couldn't think fast enough and they wouldn't stop talking. I know deep down that I will be ok, but it's still so nerve wracking.

I've spent over $100 on supplies already for school. No wonder they say teachers spend their entire paychecks on school stuff. I needed binders and page protectors for my lessons, looseleaf for notes and answer keys, pencils, erasers, a calendar, etc. It just adds up so quickly. I still don't have any dress pants to wear to work....guess my first paycheck has already been spoken for.

Oh I did get to see my room the other day. I have 2 bulletin boards, a number of posters already in the room, 2 whiteboards and a number of chalk boards. I am going to need to stock up on chalk.

New teacher orientation starts Monday, so hopefully I will have some fun stories soon :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Starting to Pick UP

After spending the majority of my summer relaxing and socializing, I realize it's time for things to start picking up speed. I recently wrote out lessons for my first day of school for my classes, as well as their hand-out with rules and expectations. I will be teaching Algebra, Geometry and Tri Geo I (no idea what that is, so I'm thinking I should email someone soon about that...) I do have my own classroom (!!!!!!!!!) which is super exciting. This afternoon, I'm going over to the school to check it out.

I also started tutoring today, and apparently need to brush up on my stuff. I felt a little disorganized and chaotic, not to mention underprepared. There was even a question that I don't know how to do :( So I told my student I'd get back to him on it.

Oh and in unrelated news, we get real internet at home today! :)