Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Schedule Changes

So after planning a couple lessons, I found out I have a slight change in the courses I'm teaching. I will be teaching Core Geometry instead of Algebra. Not a big change, but it means I will be teaching nothing but geometry courses. I guess it will allow me to focus a bit more on other things other than content. I should (hopefully) be able to reuse a lot of my lessons for each of the classes.

I am finding myself extremely nervous about having my own classes. Although I did have my first nightmare about teaching last Sunday (before starting tutoring) I haven't had any more yet. I'm waiting for them to start since it's only a matter of time. My first one was about the first day of school and I dreamt that I couldn't get the kids in alphabetical order because I did it wrong in prep and couldn't think fast enough and they wouldn't stop talking. I know deep down that I will be ok, but it's still so nerve wracking.

I've spent over $100 on supplies already for school. No wonder they say teachers spend their entire paychecks on school stuff. I needed binders and page protectors for my lessons, looseleaf for notes and answer keys, pencils, erasers, a calendar, etc. It just adds up so quickly. I still don't have any dress pants to wear to work....guess my first paycheck has already been spoken for.

Oh I did get to see my room the other day. I have 2 bulletin boards, a number of posters already in the room, 2 whiteboards and a number of chalk boards. I am going to need to stock up on chalk.

New teacher orientation starts Monday, so hopefully I will have some fun stories soon :)

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