Monday, August 3, 2009

Starting to Pick UP

After spending the majority of my summer relaxing and socializing, I realize it's time for things to start picking up speed. I recently wrote out lessons for my first day of school for my classes, as well as their hand-out with rules and expectations. I will be teaching Algebra, Geometry and Tri Geo I (no idea what that is, so I'm thinking I should email someone soon about that...) I do have my own classroom (!!!!!!!!!) which is super exciting. This afternoon, I'm going over to the school to check it out.

I also started tutoring today, and apparently need to brush up on my stuff. I felt a little disorganized and chaotic, not to mention underprepared. There was even a question that I don't know how to do :( So I told my student I'd get back to him on it.

Oh and in unrelated news, we get real internet at home today! :)

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