Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Talking, talking... talking

I hate being frustrated with my students. I know they are kids and I know they screw up sometimes, and yet, I still can't help but hope that they will be angels every day. Fourth block is my biggest challenge. My Trimester kiddo-s. 5/8's of those kids I had last year, so starting over with them is next to impossible. And yet I try every day. All I want is for class to run smoothly... for them to raise their hands when they want to talk and not to hold side conversations constantly throughout class. And I lost it today... I yelled at them to stop talking. I always feel terrible when I do that... I just don't know how else to get them to stop. I try to be nice about it, but when I can't hear an actual legitimate question from a student less than 10 feet away from me... I just snap.

I wonder... if I give them either the first 5 minutes or last 5 minutes of class to hang out... would I get more done? Could I give up that instructional time every day ? (within a week, I'd lose about 15 minutes... in a month, I'd be losing about an hour!!) But would that extra 5 minutes of relaxation lead to more time in actual focused work? Studies show that employees are more productive at work when they are happier... so would my students be more productive? Maybe I should try this next week... or even Friday as an experiment.

On a positive note... I was told by a parent the other day that his son raves about having me as a teacher and absolutely loves me. He also thinks that if he had me last year or the year before, that he would have been a much better/stronger student. What a great compliment!! :)

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