Sunday, August 26, 2012


For the last 3 years I have pretty much used the same organization system and it seems to work (most of the time).  Unfortunately, all my stuff is at school, so no pictures tonight.  

Next to my door is a bulletin board for absent students--there is a folder for each class and at the end of each class, I place what the student missed in that folder along with a short checklist detailing what they have missed.  

The color of the folder on the absence board also corresponds to the colored folders for all other uses in my classes.  I keep two 2-pocket folders per class--one for collecting work to be graded and one for owed tests and quizzes.  These folders, along with a manila folder per class (labeled in the corresponding color) to hold that day's worksheets, all sit in a desk organizer on my front table.  

6 slots = 1 slot per class + 1 last one for 
owed tests/quizzes folders for all classes

In addition to this, I use my bottom desk drawer to organize my copies for upcoming classes--I try to keep copied about a week ahead of time for Geometry (this will be my 4th year teaching it, and I have taught 3 different courses of it) and when possible, a week ahead for my modified A2T course, but this doesn't always happen.  I try to count out the copies I need for each section for my Geometry sections (I have 3 of them) and paperclip them together.  That way, in the morning, I can just grab the copies I need for that day.

I am also a HUGE HUGE fan of lists... can't get enough of them!!  So I use those list pads from Michael's dollar bins to create weekly (sometimes daily) to-do lists.  

I don't use my plan book at all--I instead make monthly calendars (I like to see the big picture).  I also have never found a calendar that actually uses the whole sheet of paper without borders, so I hand-draw mine with a ruler and marker.  

While this method isn't perfect--I still am not sure what to do with things like seating charts or homeroom stuff--it has been working pretty well so far.  

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  1. I see so many teachers using the color coding system to keep track of folders. It's amazing how such a simple thing can make such a big difference in keeping organized!