Sunday, September 2, 2012

Foldables and My Turn to Give Back

First of all, I need to say a huge thank you to the blogging community for being so willing to share!  I have been reworking my first unit in Geometry (we start school on Tuesday, and I had put stuff in to be copied in June, and am trashing most of it) and I have stolen a lot of stuff from this amazing community to (hopefully) improve my first few lessons.

The following people have given me ideas/worksheets that I have tweaked to make my own:
Angie at Coefficients of Determination - her foldable for parallel lines and transversals is awesome

  • I took Angie's and tweaked it to work for me--switched the fonts around a bit and focused only on parallel lines and transversals; I took out vertical angles and linear pairs since I teach them the day before

Sarah at Everybody is a Genius - Her foldables for Points, Lines and Planes took what I had done for the last 2 years and improved upon it!

  • Again, I looked at Sarah's stuff and tweaked it (only very slightly) by changing the font and adding a very small section.  I even stole two of her diagrams because at midnight last night when I was finishing these up, I was too tired to redo them
MissCalcul8 at MissCalcul8 - Cutting the squares of the chart up is pure genius!  
  • I have been looking for something a little more interesting to do on the first day than just sit and copy notes off the board and this is the perfect balance of academic work and allowing the kids the freedom to talk.
    • So, I will be doing the Pts, Lines & Planes chart as a day 1 activity (we have shortened blocks that day)
    • The second day of school I will be doing the Points, Lines & Planes Chart
  • My versions:  
    • Day 1 - Points, Lines and Planes Chart
      • One note on this chart-on I have a Word document of this file, but any time I upload it, the numbers in the boxes shift.  However, when it is downloaded, it seems to open fine.  So.... for those of you who like to tweak these for your needs, there is a Word document in addition to the PDF.
    • Day 2 - Points, Lines and Planes Chart

And finally... My turn to give back!  I made a final foldable last night--for kinds of angles.  It's not terribly unique; a hotdog fold and 10 flaps, but I am hoping that it is at least a more interesting way to take notes than using plain old looseleaf paper.  I won't get to use this for a couple of weeks, so I won't know for sure how well it works (or not).  Feel free to take it, use it, tweak it, etc.

One last note--how do I get those nicely embedded images in Blogger--I can only get the link to the document and then I have been taking screen shots of my documents to get images? 

  • Follow-up:  The kinds of angles foldable worked well, but I didn't get to use any color or fun with it, as I also had to give my pre-assessment for the SLO's the day I did that lesson.  However, the notes took far less time than they have in the past and I think the kids got a better lesson out of it since it was interactive and is a little more fun to look at than looseleaf paper.
  • Follow-up 2:  A BIG thank you to Mrs. H who told me to go to for embedding--it works way better than Scribd for Blogger!


  1. Have you tried I use it to upload files and then share them with others in my department or through my blog. You can imbed the document or share a link.

    1. I hadn't but on your suggestion, I just did--and it works great!! Thank you so much! (we use Dropbox in my department to share files)