Monday, September 10, 2012

Great Ideas 3

And the need to put all these AMAZING ideas I keep finding on the internet continues!

Force Vectors:
Forces are a topic our A2T kids struggle with, not because of the formulas, but more due to the lack of understanding and concrete examples.  Kate Nowak suggested these videos and I am looking forward to using them later this year.

GeoGebra & Angry Birds:
Angry Birds always fly in quadratic formats... what a way to use something the kids are hooked on and get them to use quadratic equations with it!

Parallelogram Review
Always looking for quality questions to use for review for my Geometry students.

Congruent Triangles
Have actually used this one from Shireen before--it's great!.  And I agree with what many people said on her blog... I hate the use of CPCTC.  I have tried several different options (1. making them write out all the words for the first week, then letting them shorten it, 2. writing it as a conditional statement,  3. giving up and letting them just use it).  I still lean towards making them write it all out--seems to have the best results.

I love foldables--have I mentioned that before???   Anywho....this brings it to a whole new level!  Love the colors!

Foldables & Graphic Organizers
Even more ways to use foldables!

Review Add 'em Up
Kate Nowak used this for solving exponential equations by changing the base--great way for the students to check their own work.

Special Right Triangles
So cool that a dollar bill does this!!  Will have to remember this when we do special right triangles in Geometry and in A2T!

Spherical Geometry
If I ever have extra time--maybe before a break, this would be a nice break for the kids.

$2 Whiteboards
Loving this idea.  It would be great for proofs to get the kids thinking and talking about them.  Someone (sorry, I don't remember who!)  mentioned that the Crayola Dry Erase crayons work better--I'll have to look into those.

I hope to actually start using some of these ideas this year!

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