Monday, August 27, 2012

Great Ideas 2

I was going through my GIANT bookmarks list trying to review what I have, what I can use, etc.  Again, I want to keep all the amazing ideas I've been finding on fellow math teacher blogs in one place so I can actually find them and reference them.

In teaching a two-year A2T course, I am always looking for fun/different ways to review material.  Lisa has provided a whole bunch of options for reviewing polynomials and exponents.  This is particularly wonderful since our first unit this year in A2TB (the second-half of the course) will review exponent rules.  My favorites are the Match Puzzle and the Polynomial Cubes.

A2T has tons of graphing in it and focuses a lot on the shifts of these graphs.  Yet again, Lisa has put together an amazing resource for A2T--matching equations to the graph to the written description of the transformation.  This is wonderful!

Shireen has absolutely amazing ideas.  I have utilized several of her ideas in the past couple of years.  Here is one I found, but never ended up using, which was such a shame because we started using GeoGebra last year!  I enjoy using GeoGebra with my class, but it takes forever to create quality labs for the kids to use.  This Circle Equations one would be a great way for the kids to explore equations of circles instead of me just giving it to them.

I like the idea of having students explore online to find information on surface area and volume.  I have found that there is a lot of resistance when trying something new like this, but is an activity I need to keep in mind for this coming spring when we get to this topic.

I might have to combine this with the above idea for surface area & volume.  I like the idea of having the students cut out the nets of the 3-D shapes.  The kids could then tape them into their notebooks, but leaving parts free so that they could fold them up as they need to.  Also like the idea of hanging these in the classroom.

I love sharing student work, and Kate's door definitely does that!  I like this idea, but definitely need to re-work it for my kids.

Edna Lee posted this idea last year and I absolutely love it!  I love the idea of using a QR code for back-to-school night information (include my email address and the link to my new website Math with Mrs. Riley)  I should look into this before back-to-school night this year.

Not an idea stolen from a blog, but a neat idea to demonstrate the Pythagorean Theorem to my 10th graders.

I love teaching logic, and although I have spent the last 3 years tweaking my homework assignments, I am nervous about teaching it this year.  In the past, I have done it after factoring (which I know are totally unrelated) but in our curriculum, logic is one of those weird 2-day lessons that doesn't really connect to much else.  I am considering changing it at the 11th hour (and thus affecting all my copies I already made and the 3 other Geometry teachers), and covering Points, Lines and Planes first and then using that information to help us with logic.  I have about a week to decide what to do....

Another great idea for logic.  I really may have to re-do my first month of teaching (and all my review sheets).  Kate also included the cards she used--simply AMAZING!

Converse, Inverse, Contrapositive
And... even more logic.  Thinking this might need to be held off on until we make the big switch to Common Core.  But absolutely love the idea of how each statement must be carefully weighed and considered or your diagrams will vary.

crstn85 is at it again.  I love the idea of having students complete this task as an introduction to triangles instead of starting with boring vocabulary and definitions.  I will definitely follow-up with definitions--perhaps I will give that as homework and have them color in class.  Coloring always goes over well!

Whew... I think that is enough for today!  There is such a wealth of ideas out there.

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